3D TV or not 3D TV??

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Whatever forces took you by the arm and by the wallet and persuaded you to buy a new, high definition television set last year are not satisfied that you have enough television technology. These forces are now back, with their siren call for you to make haste to the electronics counter for 3D TVs. And you know 3D. It’s the next best thing to actually being there – which is what Blu-ray was supposed to be about. In any case, buy a Sony 3D TV and they’ll throw in a free PS3 plus a couple pairs of glasses and probably a 3D Blu-ray player. Meanwhile, Samsung offers an immersive viewing environment, reminiscent of a movie theater with its 3D, LED, HDTV. Who would have guessed that TV shopping would be all about the capital letters?
In any case, a virtual plethora of electronic companies are turning out the latest thing to view content featuring, jumping-off-the-screen action. But before you buy, experts are hesitant to fully commit that 3D TV is the way to go. They want to be sure you are prepared for this big new technology. A 3D TV set shouldn’t be smaller than 42 inches or you won’t really get the full effect. And it has to be plasma to reduce “fluttering” images. Plus, you’ll need extra breathing room – more than five feet for a 42 inch screen. In some cases this may require a TV room expansion – well, at least that would be the logical conclusion here. Such large equipment and the possible remodel require a bigger budget than usual, and that’s before buying the 3D Blu-ray disks and glasses. And when you’ve got it all set up, those in the know believe there isn’t enough content. All of which shouldn’t necessarily deter your inner, early adopter.

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