4 Attractive Benefits of Event Marketing

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4 Attractive Benefits of Event Marketing

The concept of event marketing is taking off as a viable business practice on the mainstream front. With live occasions, especially, it incorporates the powerful face-to-face element that is missing from many interactions in today’s digital world. Face-to-face setting or not, event marketing offers a targeted, effective, and sometimes, surprisingly affordable way to share a message with your audience.

There is so much more to event marketing. Check out how this amazing tool can be used to take your marketing efforts to all new heights.

1. Marketing Diversity  
One of the overlooked benefits of event marketing is its diversity. You don’t have to lease a 20,000-seat sports stadium to handle your business. Events come in many forms, so you have several options available to you.

Trade show model
Trade Shows – The trade show represents the largest and most active segment of the event market. Naturally, it’s an excellent target for event marketers. Trade shows offer a way to attract more leads, improve brand awareness, and even increase sales.

Seminars and Workshops – These types of events are often similar in the strong interactive element they bring to the table. They also come with similar benefits. Seminars and workshops are great for showcasing your expertise, educating your audience, and facilitating the engagement that is so crucial to marketing success.

Web Events – Live events may have a little more to offer, but web-based gatherings can be just as valuable to your efforts. For starters, they are incredibly cost effective due to the fact that everything is being done over the internet. These events can be highly engaging and interactive, but coordination is literally everything in terms of having success.

2. Surefire Lead Generation
At the very basic level, event marketing is a great way to generate leads. Of course this is all a different story if you draw a poor crowd, but if you have decent attendance, then you’ll have plenty to work with. Whether they paid money for a ticket or just took time out their busy schedule, they showed up, and that indicates a very high level of interest.

Using event marketing to generate leads is all about having everything in place; making sure you’re read to convert. For many businesses these days, this involves collecting names and email addresses to be placed on an opt-in mailing list.

3. Unique Branding Opportunities 
Event marketing can be a phenomenal brand booster when used the right way. Your logo, slogan, and products are all on display, standing out while slowly embedding into the minds of your guests. Then there’s the main course — the reason everyone came out in support of the event. All those additional elements are just the icing on the cake when you deliver a strong message that either seals the deal, or has your guest wanting to know more.

Expo Floor

The visual component is critical in branding, and  can be tough to incorporate in traditional channels. It’s even difficult for the well executed webinar to replicate the touch, feel, and see aspects that are common of live events.

4. The Personal Connection 
Event marketing gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience in a unique and personal way. It creates a mutual environment that is ideal for back and forth communications between event staff and guests. You can speak to and encourage participation from the crowd, while individuals can present any questions or concerns they might have. Engagement levels are through the roof in this type of setting.

The personal connection can also be made in web and video-based environments when the right communication tools are in place. However, the same cannot be said with radio, TV, and other traditional marketing tactics.

Although a lot of the activity takes place offline, the internet has been very important to the growth of event marketing. This is mainly because of visibility and awareness. Experienced marketers can share their success stories. Experts can provide tips on how to maximize its effectiveness. Companies with coordinating expertise can sell their services to help aspiring marketers put it altogether.

As you have probably gathered from reading this post, event marketing, despite all the attractive benefits, doesn’t come attached with any promises. There is a right way, and plenty of wrong ways to go about your business. Unfortunately, running into those pitfalls is easy, while producing good results can be hard work. In any event, it’s an excellent marketing tool, so if the shoes fits, start considering how you can slip it into your strategy.

About the authorFrancis Santos is a writer for Benchmark Email, a best practices email marketing company.


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