40 million photographers can’t be wrong

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Eos is the Greek Goddess of Dawn. And for photographers who cherish the early light of, well, dawn, Eos is their friend. Except it isn’t just about the light of dawn. It’s about the camera. The Canon EOS SLR to be exact. With numerous advancements in lens mount as well as focusing technology, the EOS doesn’t have to be a Goddess to win over lots of hearts. Just recently Canon celebrated the 40 millionth EOS series camera rolling of the production line. Perhaps the most popular EOS camera is the Rebel. But in Japan they know it as the Kiss. Either way, 40 million of any object is quite a production feat.
But Canon doesn’t rest on its EOS laurels. It’s constantly updating technology and adding features that customers want. While a photograph may be worth a thousand words, it’s worth less if your images reveal blinking eyes or quizzical expressions among the subjects or objects, of your images. Now the company has included some software for its Pixma series printers that lets you print a frame from a video. Using the HD movie print software, users can select a frame from a Canon MOV file and convert it to a JPEG file, printable on one of the Pixma printers. Some of the printers have a pop-up LCD screen, some have wi-fi and others allow printing through a USB port or from a USB thumb drive, but not all printers have all features – for whatever reason. Perhaps that’s why mothers are known to have told their children – You better shop around.

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