5 High-Impact Ways to Use Custom Stickers

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There’s one thing every customer remembers: that “wow” moment. Whether it was “wow I didn’t realize service to could be so bad” or “wow they really go the extra mile” depends on the little things along the line. Of course a lot of that can’t be controlled, but a great branding strategy can carry those unavoidable mistakes into “wow they’re amazing!” territory.

Custom stickers are a low-cost and highly versatile way to experiment with your burgeoning business image, but not just any sticker will do. Great branding strategies start with great graphics, so choose UV-protected materials to keep colors sharp.

Aside from that, take some time with your samples to make sure no corners are cut that you didn’t want rounded — check and test the paper, the stick, the feel, the shine and the centering to ensure they meet a higher standard. You can only go wrong if you go cheap. Invest a little more in your stickers and everything you use them on becomes better than average.

#1: Use Shapes
Squared stickers scream “desktop published” whether they’re professionally done or not. If the T-Rex cut just doesn’t suit your business because you don’t do dinosaur feed (who does these days anyway?) custom oval stickers are a great all-purpose staple for businesses that convey more respect than your average square.

581989_sxc#2: Seal The Deal
Chivalry in business doesn’t need to die with feudalism. Take a note from ancient emperors and sticker your envelopes shut for a personal yet professional touch.

#3: Packaged Perfection
Instead of sending a hundred boxes of a size you’ll probably never use to a printer, buy basic boxes as you need them and strategically sticker to look impressive without any potential for waste.

#4: Not Just for Logos
The quickest way to a customer’s heart is a company with a culture. Nothing gets that culture out on Main Street like a sticker. A quirky culture cornerstone works best for giveaway stickers mainly because only really strange people would put their cellular carrier on their bumper – but a cute little orange dude is a different story, and done well it leaves nobody wondering.

#5: Use Stickers Wisely
Nothing looks cheaper than a brand made completely of stickers. Don’t go overboard; use good paper for communications and print your logo on it as well as your envelopes, using your best calligrapher for outgoing addresses rather than stickering everything, everywhere. This way, when you use stickers they stand out as an added touch rather than a quick substitute.

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