9 Creative Google+ Business Profiles

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Google+ Business Profiles

Google Plus 1st Generation User

Image by Frederick Md Publicity via Flickr

Google+ has taken the Internet by storm and will soon giver Facebook a run for its money. This social networking effort by Google has an advantage for businesses because they can enhance their search engine standing if they get enough +1s. They also can be found using the Google DirectConnect feature. Once active on Google+ many of the social networking principles that work for Facebook and Twitter work on the newest social platform. The following 9 creative and interesting Google+ profiles businesses have set up for marketing will help give business owners and managers ideas of what they can do for their profile.

1. Adidas

An elongated sneaker composed of five separate images formerly highlighted this business profile. Now the header images depict Adidas gear in whimsical urban settings.

2. Google Chrome

Google’s profile pages should all set a good example, and Chrome does not disappoint. The famous Google Chrome logo hangs on the left and a montage of a Google+ screen spans four of the five image blocks in the header. The fifth image contains a photo of a Chromebook laptop computer.

3. Fox News Special Report

Bret Baier and Fox News set up this Google+ profile and put it into action. Its banner images may not seem very creative, but the evening news show turned heads when it used the Google+ Hangout feature to host hangouts with the Republican presidential candidates. Easier than a webinar, Hangouts offer businesses a powerful way to interact with their customers.

4. Hugo Boss

An international fashion and lifestyle business ought to look sleek; it does. Featuring sophisticated models sporting some of the latest styles, the Hugo Boss Google+ profile demonstrates how a simple profile can effectively communicate elegance.

5. The Muppets

Use Google+ Hangouts to spend time with the Muppets. Together with a creative profile header featuring some of the most popular Muppet visages, this delightful profile quickly sucks visitors into a world where puppets rule.

6. Time Magazine

Creative use of Google+ by Time Magazine created topic circles. This lets readers and followers stay in touch with only the published material that interests them. Time proudly displays some of its covers in the five image blocks at the top of its page.

7. YouTube

Featuring groovy artwork in its banner, YouTube is a Google property, so it has a cool Google+ profile. Without surprise, this profile makes extensive use of the Google+ embedded video capability. This profile also syndicates blog content, making it a good place to get leads and call those leads to action.

8. Pepsi

The popular soft drink company shares a creative and refreshing banner highlighting its product. Its page features its logo, its history and current events that feature Pepsi.

9. Zen Bikes

This distinctive Google+ page highlights Zen Bikes and puts the expertise of its staff on display. A well-stocked selection of videos and images document the company’s retail efforts. This profile sets a good example for how a small business can put Google+ to use for lead generation.

GooglePlus Icons

Image by KEXINO via Flickr

Now that you’ve seen 9 examples of Google+ profiles, go build your own. Draw from the ideas of others to create a presence for your business on one of the newest social networks.

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  1. Most of those are pretty boring. I did like the Google Chrome and The Muppets ones though.