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Forget all that talk about brick and mortar yielding its market share to digital. Some are thinking the two genres can coexist rather peacefully. It was perhaps this line of thinking that led to the opening of Open Space, a brick and mortar store inBoulder,Coloradothat specializes in all things digital. The owners of the store are both app developers and app gurus who want to help the Userverse sift through the numerous app possibilities to find the perfect app for a particular use. Through Open Space you can follow app collections for specific interest areas. Find the best game to waste a single minute or apps that 10 year-old girls love. Find the perfect news aggregator or NFL team apps. Check in at the store to find out which app would best help you take great photos over the holidays.

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On the surface Open Space seems like a good idea. One vision is for users to be able to buy an app once and use it on any device and on any operating system. But it isn’t clear how practical this is. The idea of categorizing apps isn’t new but Open Space’s goal of allowing users to narrow their searches into ever smaller categories could be the wave of the future as apps become more widespread than ever. No one is yet sure how Open Space will make money with its Geek Squad for the app world approach, but somewhere out there, is a demographic that’s celebrating the idea that someone else wants to do the hard work of cutting through the clutter. Besides, we’ll run out of fingers and toes trying to count the times when something new came along and people wondered how it would be monetized.

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