A digital gadget for grandma

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By now not everybody’s grandma is a fan of reindeer. But every grandma loves her family. Now thanks to the ever increasing number of products entering and evolving in the marketplace grandma can keep images of her family close at hand. With apologies to those highly, tech savvy grandmas, there are a few items among the digital gadgetry with features only a grandmother could love. Which is to say, they aren’t necessarily geared to the over-connected digital generation but they’re okay – sort of. Such is the case of the Insignia Infocast, an “Internet Media Display,” that would have been called a digital photo frame in bygone days. But this is not your great-grandmother’s digital photo frame. It has connectivity to Facebook and YouTube, it has apps, and it can play music. But word from the wise and tech-savvy front is that it isn’t the most complex digital toy in the marketplace. Plus the touchscreen isn’t performing at optimum levels.
At around $170 it is thought to be pricey for a photo frame. But take into account the possibilities and it’s not that bad. It has a USB port and a card reader for loading photos from external devices, and it has 2GB of storage, which is probably enough for storing an extensive collection of family photos – especially at lower resolutions. It also comes loaded with Pandora and other entertaining stuff for someone who is not expecting hard core, duo core processing performance. And just for the record, Insignia didn’t intend it to be a replacement for any computer, but rather it was meant to be something that is plugged in, that sits on top of a counter or bedside table for checking family photos and listening to music. It also shows the news – for those who don’t have a TV set handy. Digital is for everyone.

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