A digital solution to loyalty cards

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You’re a business. You sell things or experiences. You want to offer your customers an incentive to choose you, again. Customers love rewards. Whether it’s a free cup of coffee, a sub-sandwich, a motel room, or five dollars off their next purchase, they’ll be there. Win. Win. Right? Problem is customers are overwhelmed by the bulging wallet full of punch cards, discount cards and the like that are attached to those programs. And once they throw yours out, they may never come your way again. Not to worry. Here comes the world of digital solutions to the rescue. What if rewards could be calculated digitally according to bank and credit card records? It would reduce the hassle factor on both sides of the equation. Businesses won’t have to make the cards, and customers won’t need to carry them. Several models of this type of opportunity are now under experimentation.
One such program is from BillShrink, a name that could go so many different ways. But one of their services is a “matching service.” Based on card swipes, for instance, they are able to match rewards and offers to individual customers. This type of program is similar to the reward points for hotel stays, car rentals and flights. In this way, every purchase from toys to groceries to sunglasses provides data about the consumer which can be used for reward systems by specific stores, malls, websites and the like. Instead of a loyalty card, they use the customer’s digital footprint. Somewhere, money and hassle is saved but privacy isn’t. It’s the digital age, privacy doesn’t exist.

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