A gorilla under the tree

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A gorilla under the tree

Published on February 03, 2017 with No Comments

Getting smart phones? If they’re under your tree this year, then you could say you’ve got a gorilla under your tree. But it’s not in the glue and it may not be 2,000 pounds, but it’s still technically a gorilla because the glass in today’s electronic devices is called, “Gorilla Glass,” for its strength. It’s the glass screen of at least 280 gadgets from 20 companies. Turns out this strong glass, whose strength is said to have been verified by scientists throwing frozen chickens at it at a very fast rate, has been around forever. Well, almost forever. It was used in the windshield of the first Ford Mustangs. According the Corning Company, someone set out to make a glass that doesn’t break and arrived at a product called Chemcor. This product is said to be much stronger than soda-lime glass which is not to be confused with lime soda in a glass.
In any case, it wasn’t a widely discussed product until smart phone makers started calling for a thin, clear, scratch-less glass. Then Chemcor became known as Gorilla Glass. But the company wasn’t thrilled with such a jungle-y name. So they came up with “Ruggedized Glass,” a name that didn’t stick – probably because there are no Ruggeds roaming the jungles and climbing skyscrapers. And now Gorilla Glass is all the rage with electronics companies. While it could be said that Gorilla Glass is changing the face of display technology, you won’t find it in the Samsung Nexus S. No one knows why, but some are speculating it has to do with the curvature of the screen. Regardless, this could simply a case of better living through science – or it could be just another case of our romance with chemicals.

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