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Published on August 30, 2016 with 1 Comment

In a world where iThings seem to rule, the Droids refuse to be counted out. A slew of Droid ads continue to remind us that Droid has apps too. Any number of Droid apps promise to help you with social networking, or conducting business, but the folks at Froogloid have developed an app that has a sleek new approach to carrying around a mound of loyalty cards. You know the ones. Gas station, coffee shop, grocery store, sports gear store, sandwich shop, all giving you cards to accumulate points for discounts and freebies. And while we all want the freebies, we’re overwhelmed with the carrying and retrieving.
Along came Keyring, a Droid app that manages your loyalty cards. Use the camera on your Droid phone to scan the barcode on the card and Keyring adds it to your database of loyalty cards. They’ve even simplified the task of inputting this information with a pre-existing list of retailers for selection. Visit a favorite store or restaurant and Keyring displays the barcode for the retailer to scan from your phone. But it doesn’t work with those flat scanners. Even if your retailer lives in the dinosaur era and doesn’t have barcode scanning capability, Keyring lets you add it. Recently the Froogloid folks updated Keyring with choices of a dark or light background to suit everyone’s lifestyle and preferences.
Meanwhile, Droid app developers like Froogloid say that developing for Droid presents extra challenges because of the plethora of Droid species on the market. Testing an app can require purchase of several phones. But one creative Froogloid member got around this by driving to various mobile phone kiosks in malls to carry out the testing. And in the way that every problem is an opportunity, the folks at Duarlander would like Droid app developers to outsource the testing to them.

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  1. Awesome! There are so many things we can do with our phones. The possibilities are endless.