A mighty fortress around your Wi-Fi

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For all who worry about others stealing their precious Wi-Fi, there is help from French researchers. There is Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper. Metapaper, as the technology is being called works by using an ink that filters out the frequencies that are frequently used with Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals. This means that television signals aren’t blocked. Obviously it doesn’t work with windows (not Windows), floors and ceilings unless those are also covered with Metapaper. The announcement of the Wi-Fi blocking Metapaper generated much joking around. Couldn’t you just use encryption? What about using your computer in the garden? Didn’t someone invent Wi-Fi blocking paint some time back? Is there now Wi-Fi blocking primer and plaster? Plus, the pattern being currently shopped around is not exactly attractive.

While these may all be valid points, Metapaper could be useful for businesses and much more beyond the average home Wi-Fi situation. Since it can block both incoming and outgoing Wi-Fi, the possibilities are numerous. It could be used to secure research labs, hospitals and other places where electromagnetic disturbance is an issue. Additionally, people who believe they are allergic to Wi-Fi signals finally have some help. No one can truly be sure of this yet, but Metapaper’s ability to block incoming signals could be useful in preventing hackers from infiltrating a network. Of course, hackers by definition aren’t easily blocked by firewalls and other walls regardless of the wall paper. As for the aesthetic aspect of it, researchers who worked on Metapaper note that it will continue to block Wi-Fi even after being covered with other, more attractive wall coverings and they are working on next generation Metapaper.

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