A new and better iPod Touch

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Given the high level of buzz about the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, the latest release from Apple, the revamped iPod touch along with the iPod Nano, seemed to have been released rather quietly. Sure, reviewers are still around but was it a trending topic on Twitter? Who would have guessed Apple was still working on the humble iPod Touch anymore? It’s neither a phone nor a tablet, though it has some of the popular features such as apps and a camera. Still, the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano, or as Apple calls it, members of the iPod family, are indeed delightful devices.

In terms of a portable music player, the iPod series is arguably the best device that entered the marketplace. Sorry Zune fans, you just don’t seem to have the same, um, appeal? But we heart you anyway. Still, in the land of iPods, the new version is thinner and lighter, and it comes in fun colors. There is even one in the “Red” series where some of the proceeds go toward fighting AIDS in Africa. Music on the new iPods is said to be better than ever thanks to Apple’s redesign of the ear listening aspect, now called “EarPods.” An EarPod for your iPod Touch. Now if only you could smell and taste it, all the senses would be covered. Perhaps they’re working on that.

Of course the iPod Touch is really an iPhone with every feature but the phone. So it’s connected; it has a camera; it has video recording capability and you can play Fruit Ninja on it. Of course there are already rumblings that the camera isn’t great; the new connector isn’t friendly to old accessories, and there’s the whole Apple Maps problem that’s attracting a lot of unfavorable discussion. Meanwhile, the people at iFixit have checked it out and deemed the device “way harder to repair.” So just don’t break your iPod and you should be just fine.

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