A new way to monetize apps

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A new way to monetize apps

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App makers everywhere are all of a sudden indulging in yet another round of “why didn’t I think of that.” And this time it’s not just about the coolness and simplicity of the app. It’s about the clever way the app makers are marketing the app. No word yet on how effective the marketing is but at a glance it is pretty clever.
The makers of an app called iBalls:steel for the iPhone are giving app buyers a chance to win money for their high scores in the game. Someone can win $10,000, which may not necessarily be a life changing amount of money but still a healthy sum. But it isn’t quite that simple. In the sense that free money always comes with fine print, iBalls:steel has its equivalent.
The game has levels and each level has a download price. Level one is just $1.99 but if you have the highest score at that level you can win $200. For level two which costs $2.99 you can get $300. So you’re wondering about that $10,000 price. That’s for your mastery of level 10. So far so good. Just dispense with the suspense and show us the numbers, you say? That level costs $49.99.
The iBalls:steel app is a marble maze game with a twist. The player controls the marble with the iPhone’s accelerometer. While navigating the maze, players also need to keep the ball cool with virtual droplets of water that appear on the screen. There are 13 seconds between drops and if you don’t make it – game over.
Less confident gamers may just decide to head over to the Blackberry apps store where they can buy Smiley Popper for a few bucks and just have fun. This game is like the addictive Bubbles game from the Mighty Widgets people but for Blackberry, the Smileys have eyes that look around, giving them an almost human quality.

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