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Time was when a pen was a pen and a stylus was a stylus and never the twain did meet. But in the ever changing world of iThings, it’s not that simple anymore. If your company is called Tekfun, you presumably want to make technology fun. So thanks to the Tekfun technological brains we now have a merger between the stylus and the pen, a two in one gadget that seamlessly bridges the analog and digital worlds – like numerous other gadgets we’ve covered here before. Just for the record, we haven’t actually tried this and as such we should probably not use words like seamlessly but we imagine that was the general intention behind the Tekfun stylus/pen. It writes on paper and on iPads.
According to the specifications, the stylus end is useful and sensitive at any angle. It’s compatible with iStuff as well as Blackberry Storm. The softer and smooth tip is akin to the traditional finger touch. It’s excellent with gloves – all the better to use your iPad on the ski hill. Its advantage over the finger touch is that it does not leave those unsightly fingerprints plus smudges and “grease” on your touch screen. Users will find it easy to “type, write draw, slide and play games.” And ladies, listen up, this one’s for you. Among the noted specifications is this: “Good for women has long nail.” We’re thinking it’s a win.

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