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Published on March 05, 2017 with 1 Comment

Time to rise and shine in the land of multi-tasking. The Kyocera Echo has entered the building, giving us two screens on one smart phone. Browse Facebook on one screen while checking text messages on the other. Read an e-mail with one eye while scanning the list of e-mails with the other. That is, if you can get your eyes to work independently of each other. The Echo is the first dual-screen smart phone. A user can choose to have the two screens operating independently or combine them into one larger screen for say, a bigger map. Combining the screens results in a 4.7 inch Tablet style device. Meanwhile, the Echo has a camera – 5 megapixels and one gigabyte of memory plus a microSD card and it runs on the Android OS. But wait. There’s more. It can also be a Wi-Fi hot spot for five devices.
While some may look at the Echo with admiration for the new ground being broken, not all are ready to Friend it. It’s heavier than other phones and it looks weird. When using it in the so-called Tablet mode, the dividing line between the two screens is less than attractive and may even be distracting – especially if you’re playing Pac-Man. And its sister is ugly. Okay, it doesn’t have a sister. Some testers thought the calls sounded fine others weren’t as pleased. It’s too slow for video streaming. Not enough apps use the screens independently. As with everything that comes along, there are detractors even as others admire the will to explore new frontiers. We’re eyeing this possible trend, but FB us with your thoughts.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea that just needs to be tweaked a bit.