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So many apps, so little time

So many apps, so little time

So you’ve got a good app but it’s just one among tens of thousands. And if you can’t get on stage with Steve Jobs, how do you ever move away from being an app wallflower? This is the sort of thing that led Vijay Singh Chatta to launch AppLaunchPR that specializes in publicity for mobile applications for smartphones and like minded devices. Vijay refers to his firm as a digital marketing boutique. Among the numerous things he does is promote apps for mobile devices by getting them notable online media coverage. AppLaunchPR is a division of VSC consulting which at a glance may seem to be the initials of the founder but according to their literature stands for Visibility, Strategy and Creativity.
Either way, the company has found its niche, promoting digital products in the digital age. A mention or two in the media can take a little known app from zero to hero in a flash. More than marketing, Vijay believes that app developers should make killer products first. Look beyond crowded categories such as entertainment and go for healthcare or some other low density area. Rather than invest in booths at tradeshows, they encourage clients to be near the tradeshows to capitalize on the buzz without draining the budget. If you’re a tradeshow organizer this would probably be rather irritating.
As it turns out Vijay, an Indian-American which is not the same as an American-Indian, has another division called EthnikPR. It focuses on marketing to the South Asian American consumer, the 2.5 million immigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Notable fact from their site – one in 26 Indian-Americans is a millionaire. Not known if Vijay is one. In his spare time Vijay is also a musician. Not known if there’s an app for that.

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