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It is said that mice have personalities just like people do, and the challenge to every brand is to market to these various mice personalities. If you’ve ever trapped a mouse you might consider how it reacted to such trapping. An angry one would just be mad about being put in a box. An optimist would be thrilled to have the food. A klutz springs the trap without getting the food and so it goes. Presumably, a successful brand finds a way to appease and profit from all the different mice that nibble at their brands. Then again, a different kind of success can be achieved by marketing to one preferred mouse personality and forsaking all others.
Then there’s Perky Jerky. What, say you? What does Perky Jerky have to do with mice and marketing to men and women? Nothing. Perky Jerky is one man’s idea of a clever name that could gain traction with outside the box thinking. One day his energy drink spilled onto his beef jerky and soon enough he discovered that the jerky retained the energy drink’s ability to perk him up. Quirky, isn’t it? The quirky, Perky Jerky would have remained a secret had it not been for some Clay Shirky type thinking, that people like to share whatever they consume. But don’t quote us on that. In any case, the Shirky type quirky, Perky Jerky hit the marketplace. It also comes in turkey. And you can see where that’s going. They’re projecting $11 million in sales in 2011. Have a nice day and feel free to share a smile with everyone you meet.

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