A recordable 100 gig Blu ray disc

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More news from the world of Blu-ray says a recordable, triple layer, 100 gigabyte Blu-ray disc is about the hit the market, compliments of Sharp. For the short term it will only be in the Japanese market but expectations are that it will eventually be available in the U.S., though no announcements have been made. In any case, the 100 gig format is twice the previously available capacity of Blu-ray discs. And in a word, it’s all about “layers.”
Before this, Blu-ray discs had single or double recording layers with 25 or 50 gigabytes of space. But now, there’s triple and possibly even quadruple and eventually, googolplex recordable layers – though that’s in the distant future – possibly billions and billions of years, or not. Such extra recordable layers translate to more capacity. The 100 gig disc will be writable once and read many times, ideal for commercial uses where a food or medical or broadcasting company would record data for distribution or archiving.
Such higher capacity Blu-ray discs have long been a goal of electronic companies with several demonstrating working models over the past few years. Along the way, Hitachi, Sony, TDK, Pioneer and Panasonic have all announced the imminent release of more recordable layers and larger capacity. In the not so distant future we can expect to see Blu-ray players with capacity in the terabytes.

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