A short history of Android’s sweet treats

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Jelly Bean – No one gets full on just a single jelly bean but Jelly Bean can show you the way to nearby restaurants. That’s because over at Google they’ve taken this sweet name for the Android 4.1 Operating System. It features a “more responsive user interface.” Using your location, calendar and browsing history among other things it can calculate your commute time, show you sports updates and let you know whether it thinks you’ll find your next mate at the grocery store down the street. Well, it will tell you that a grocery store is down the street. You’ll be in charge of anything else.

Ice Cream Sandwich – Back in December, Android 4.0 was rolled out with the name Ice Cream Sandwich. Perhaps being a California company it never dawned on them that in most of the world, December is the month for hot chocolate rather than an ice cream sandwiches. Note to Google: You don’t have any operating systems named after drinks, and Hot Chocolate is available. In any case, Ice Cream Sandwich vastly improved on previous Android versions. It was hailed for being visually appealing, with improved navigation and an overall modern appearance. It could be said that every modern thing comes at some other modern thing’s end.

Honeycomb – Android’s 3.0 operating system was called Honeycomb. When it was unveiled at CES 2011, it was hailed as the system exclusively built for Tablet computers. It was supposed to be the secret weapon, perhaps with a swarm of killer bees ready to take down Apple’s iPad. Motorola Xoom was the first Tablet using Honeycomb. Maybe they pronounce it “Zzzooom,” to go with the buzz.

Gingerbread – Appropriately named for something released in December, Android 2.3 was called Gingerbread. It was fast, or rather faster than previous Android versions. It also had better battery life, better application management and updated color scheme. It was said to have “smart” autocorrect which may or may not be an oxymoron.

Cupcake, Donut and Éclair – The list of dessert named Android operating Systems began with Cupcake, which was followed by Donut, Éclair and Froyo, for Frozen Yogurt. But contrary to logical thinking, Cupcake was actually Android version 1.5. The first and second Android versions were noname versions – and that’s not a reference to steaks. Perhaps that was before the fun began.

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