A thousand years on DVD

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A thousand years ago Columbus was still several hundred years away from sailing to the place he would call, “The New World,” including the Americas. The world’s largest city was Chang’an in China. Back then fields were plowed with horse power – the animal kind. Gutenberg had not yet invented moveable type and in some places it was thought that smoldering goat’s hair would cure lower back pain. This perhaps is one of the many reasons men may have stared at goats. And though it isn’t known whether toupees existed, men were trying to cure baldness with the ashes of burned bees. Around that time, Saint Arnold of Soissons, who would later become the Patron Saint of Brewers, was born.
No one knows what the world will be like a thousand years from now but latest news says the Cranberry DiamondDisc promises storage that will last 1,000 years. Oh yes, first you were afraid, you were petrified, kept thinking – well, that your music, your movies, photographs and all the stuff cluttering up your digital closet would be victims of data rot. But now you can be assured all that stuff just won’t lay down and die in outdated slumber – it will survive.
It is commonly thought that conventional CDs and DVDs aren’t a lasting storage solution for documents and other digital memories. This scary thought prompted David McInnis, founder of Cranberry DiamondDisc, to seek help from scientists. The result is a disc without the usual adhesive and reflective layers that eventually deteriorate. The disc will play on most of the regular players available today. For now, you don’t get to pick up a disc at the local office supplies place. The procedure requires you to upload up to five gigabytes of data to Cranberry’s serves and pay them around $30 to send you a disc. Perfect task for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

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