A top geek’s fave gadget list

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You’re Steve Wozniak. Everybody knows your name. Well, everybody who really matters, anyway. So one day you realize, all kinds of people are out there expounding on the significance of one piece of technology over another. It occurs to you that, you know a thing or two about gadgets. Not only are you counted among the royalty of the Geekdom but you practically had a hand in creating it to begin with – kind of, sort of, maybe. So Woz, what historical bits of technology might make your fave list? And the Woz goes on to name notable stuff such as the Control Data 6600 made by Seymour Cray. Well, that’s maybe not how it went down but here is the Woz’s list anyway.
The IBM punch card machine of 1949. It read a dollar bill sized card by electronically determining whether a hole had been punched. This triggered a signal that set off a bell for someone counting people in the Census. Woz also cited the calculator made by George Stibitz in 1936. It was made from scrapped relays. Stibitz assembled it on his kitchen table. And one might deduce that the kitchen is where Woz’s fave things are generally generated. He also liked Honeywell’s Kitchen computer of 1969. Its main purpose was to store recipes and it appeared in none other than the Neiman Marcus catalog. Then there’s the transistor radio from 1959 and Pong. Woz “met” Pong at a bowling alley and decided to make his own version. Similarly, Data General’s mini computer inspired Woz to experiment with the idea of building circuit boards.

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