A touch screen PC for Windows 8

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Fans of Windows OS no longer have to watch their friends with iPads get all the glory. Sony Vaio now has several touch screen computers for use with Windows 8. Arguably, the most notable among these is the Sony Vaio Tap 20 – which is not to be confused with the various Tap games in the iTunes store. Reviewers are generally positive about Vaio Tap 20, which can work both as an ultrabook and a tablet. However, at 11 pounds or five times the weight of an iPad, it’s not the sleek and portable mobile device of tablet fans dreams. On the other hand, the Vaio Tap 20 is larger with a 20 inch display, all the better for any number of computing tasks from video viewing to editing documents and drawings – with the “supplied wireless keyboard and mouse.” Meanwhile, Sony has several other versions of touch screen computers, some of which are smaller and more portable.

The people at Sony have labeled Vaio Tap 20 as the “family PC,” because they envision it being used by anyone in the family, in any room – if you want to carry around an 11 pound behemoth of a tablet. Then again, it’s not like carrying around an entire PC, though it has similar power, plus there’s the touch screen. Consequently, it could be a handy portable device for engineers and architects – and possibly their families. For those 80s babies who remember playing Pac Man and Pac Woman (would that be Pac people?), the Vaio Tap 20 can do similar things – allegedly. Lay it flat on a table and with its 10 point multi touch screen capability, games can be played. At this time there is a jigsaw puzzle but perhaps Windows 8 developers are zealously working on more games for this type of device. Meanwhile, it’s perfect for watching videos, using the stand that can adjust to 90 or other degrees.

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