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Studies show that of the 200 million customers who buy stuff online, the majority make their purchases as a result of either e-mails or web site experience. And those who actively engage with a brand online are more likely to purchase. In light of this, businesses across the spectrum continue to enhance their web sites for a better online customer experience. From automobiles to hotels, from the Geek Squad to cosmetics companies, they’re aiming to blur the lines between the human touch and the digital experience.
Cosmetics brands are keen on this issue, especially upscale department store brands. In the stores, advisors are key players, meeting women and perhaps a few men in-person, discussing dry or oily skin, matching colors and the like. Customers trust this advice and then go on to purchase according to advisors recommendations. To mimic this service on the web, several cosmetics sites feature flash animation or slide shows, with products, offers, tips and skin care advice. The Estee Lauder Company offers video help to create the desired look, obviously with their products. At Clinique, call, e-mail or live-chat, they’re ready to help you “create” great skin, a major selling point of the brand.
Geek Squad on the other hand shows you a “live agent” photo and entices you to connect now. “A live agent can fix your PC now!” Unless your PC is truly broken and you can’t connect. Additionally, their navigation bar covers just about every electronic gadget in your house and various links aim to help you get information on viruses and more. Even if the Geek Squad is conveniently located in your neighborhood Best Buy store, right down the street, online is that much easier. As web continues to dominate the way we do everything from watching television to performing simple home repairs, savvy businesses are working hard to create the digital human touch through user experiences.

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