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What to do with that windowless, basement room? Could you be interested in a digital remodel? An app for it? Ah yes, a digital remodel. The sort of project a group of geekly friends might consider for a weekend project will transform that claustrophobic, basement room into a show-and-tell worthy space that’s sure to impress. And no landscaping is required. Using Winscape, a piece of software, and two HD Plasma screens along with a fair amount of carpentry and electrical work, you can eventually achieve something that looks like you’re viewing a scene through two windows. The Winscape folks offer a collection of scenes, mostly in the San Francisco area, that could be purchased for the views. But they also offer advice on shooting footage to personalize tour views. Zooming around is forbidden, unless you want to give your guests the feeling that they’re in a tornado.
At a glance this would seem to be much ado about something that’s already been done. But Winscape isn’t just your average picture window. They have taken extra steps to create an experience that would give you the feeling of looking out. A “necklace” with a remote control “perceives” your location in the room and adjusts the scenery to something more realistic for your position. Meanwhile, news of the Winscape kit and it possibilities are causing some folks to grumble that the necklace interface in cumbersome and not the least bit fashionable. But others speculate there could endless possibilities for 3D screens. And as always, there’s also an app for Winscape.

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