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Reports are that the genie has left the bottle and is now headed for the donut. And while your mind may conjure up images of cakelike treats with glazes and sprinkles, the donut in this case is a bottle. In a classic case of someone looking at something and wondering why not, Finnish designer Stefan Lindfors looked at the donut and the water bottle and thought – why not merge. Would that be outside the bottle thinking?

Say hello to PLUP. And after the monkey was done chasing the weasel, they both went for PLUP because all that chasing and being chased … okay, lame attempt at joke there. It is said that Lindfors was in search of a design that stacked more easily because traditional water bottles don’t stack and also, they don’t stand up due to their long, lean shape. It is said the new shape is more eco-friendly because of the kind of plastic being used. Some disagree with this argument.

Either way, the new shape is receiving rave reviews. You can stack it on a stick. Stuff it in a box. Twirl it on a string. Tie it to your waist. Throw it around at the beach. Give it to your baby as a teething ring. Okay these may not all be recommended uses. But really, what you do with it is limited only by your imagination. The designer believes it causes people to laugh. Humor – another great use. Plus, this shape can be any size and it can hold any liquid. Some question it’s re-use possibilities due to washing challenges.

Who knew we were all waiting for the humble plastic bottle to be re-engineered? All of which should prompt a solid round of – what else might we be staring at but not seeing the possibilities? Discussing his design and the path to market, Lindfors remarked that too much, in-depth knowledge of the industry might be dangerous to creative thinking.

And lest we think this is the only attempt at bottle innovation, think again. In 1963 Alfred Heineken re-engineered the beer bottle to be used as a brick – after the beer was consumed. But though the beer was popular folks didn’t care for the brick and the idea soon withered and died. Watch PLUP video: God does laundry

Here’s a Buddhist temple made entirely with bottles.


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