A word from SXSW 2011

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It’s SXSW week and if you’re into music, films, technology or any of the creative industries, no explanation needed. And honestly, if you need further explanation you should rethink whether you’re truly in one of these. No one’s saying you have to go. You’re a busy professional and time is not always on your side. You just have to know it exists. In any case, SXSW 2011 featured, among others, Reid Hoffman as a distinguished speaker. Hoffman known for numerous things, is a co-founder of LinkedIn. He discussed usage of data. Latest development in the LinkedIn world is LinkedIn Skills which is aptly named. It uses available data from various sources to categorize skills according to several relevant criteria. When Hoffman invited his audience to Tweet their best ideas of how to use data, someone suggested “Douchebase: database of douchebags, ratings, data; for employers, dating sites and fertility clinics #web3sxsw.” Something to think about, but could have legal ramifications.
SXSW - Day 4
Hoffman also had ten rules for entrepreneurs. Here they are, in summary: “Seek To Create Disruptive Change. Is this massive and different? Example: Skype. Aim Big. It’s the same amount of blood, sweat and tears to build a small company to flip as a big one to change the world. Build A Network to Amplify Your Company. Plan for Both Good and Bad Luck. Maintain Flexible Persistence. Launch Early Enough To Be Embarrassed By Your Creation. Aim High But Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid. Find friends who will tell you when your baby is ugly. A great idea for product distribution is more important. Pay Attention to Your Culture. Worry about getting hiring right from the very beginning. These Rules are Not Laws of Nature. You can break them.”

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