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In one school of thought, the solution to a design problem goes to the in-house design team. After all, this is the team with the best knowledge of the inner workings of your company and products. But another school of thought says, an outsider might bring a fresh pair of eyes and a more creative approach to your problem. This is where Marc Newson comes in. He’s the outsider, a freelance, industrial designer that brings a fresh pair of eyes into the process. Whether it’s an airline, a car company or a shoe maker, Newson is often commissioned even though those well known companies have in-house designers ready to invent the next big thing. With his training and knowledge in the design field he brings in a new perspective and articulates new questions. At times his solutions can seem to be so simple that even he wonders why the in-house designers did not think of it.
These are a few of Marc Newson’s designs.

From such mundane items as drain stoppers, bottle openers and dish drainers for the Alessi Company to aluminum chaise lounges, tables, lights and watches, Newson’s designs attract attention. One of his proudest achievements is a set of luggage tags for Samsonite that he designed with RFID technology. Your flight has arrived. Do you know where your luggage is? If you have Newson’s luggage tags, you wouldn’t have this question. So ultimately, in design and other problem solving, the moral of the story may just be, if at first you don’t succeed, call an outsider.

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