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Is your business on Google Maps? And if not, why not? As it turns out, the Google Map people would love it if you embraced your inner cartographer and got to work on mapping your local area. Anyone can log in and use Google Mapmaker to add more details to the existing maps. Add the footprint of your business plus the nearby parking lot and go on to add your favorite coffee shop. While the existing Google map may have your favorite park, it might be missing the finer but crucial details such as restrooms on the walking trail. You can add that. The details you add make it easier for everyone to navigate the area. Plus if you’re a business, it adds to your visibility. Of course there’s a verification process before your details go live. You should embrace this.
As with everything else, some people are more dedicated to improving the Googlemaps experience than others. Some spend numerous waking hours adding details to the maps of their local area or places they’ve visited or Pakistan, as the case may be. They might refine the map to more accurately represent a specific building or a bridge, or show newly constructed or changed items on the map. Such dedication on the part of those folks makes it easier for all of us to navigate the earth via Google. But all of us can contribute by adding our neighborhood to Google Maps. Soon enough all those who wander might have a more difficult time getting lost.

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