Adobe’s moveable museum

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Can a museum be a museum if it’s not really a museum? If it’s digital, does it exist? If seeing is believing, is touching necessary? Earlier this month Adobe launched the first ever digital museum, open 24/7/365. You can walk through any time you want but you can never be there. And why not? Because it is just a digital building that can be in any city, in any country, maybe even in any ocean. Still, the “architects” thought of it in terms of a physical building that could exist in the physical dimension – perhaps if some structural engineers were committed enough.
The museum has a curator, Tom Eccles who says that the vision was, “To look at who we are as humans in the face of technology.” If it’s a museum, it should have an exhibit and this one does. The current and first exhibit is by Tony Oursler, a multi-media artist whose multifaceted installations have occupied prestigious galleries. The Adobe museum exhibit is a virtual flow chart that visitors can click on to interact … well go see it…

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