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It was bound to happen sometime. A weekly update on the Tweets you missed. Yes, you can now have the best of Twitter weekly. Whether it’s the ASID Student Chapter Winners, Chuck Hughes’ pulled pork and kimchi sandwich, or the seven things keeping college presidents up at night – actually there are only two, but these are all things you could have discovered on Twitter. However, you may have been busy, sleeping, or otherwise distracted and therefore missed out on important Twitter happenings. But all the Tweets that are fit to be retweeted will now come to you weekly in a Twitter email digest. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that Twitter news should always be in the form of a Tweet. And if you were a fan of Summify, well, that was bought by Twitter and now it’s being retired in favor of the weekly Twitter digest – except the digest won’t interface with Facebook. The new weekly digest will function somewhat like the # Discover feature in Twitter.

As with all things Twitter, the email digest will look like your average newsletter except in a more condensed form. There will be headlines, summaries, and thumbnails showing who Tweeted the story. What you see will be defined by your Twitter network and other aspects of you, as defined by the algorithm. Could this lead to the day when we’re all receiving our very own personalized news? The digest will also include the “most engaging Tweets” seen by the people you follow. What defines “engaging?” We’ll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, given that Twitter has a half-life, it isn’t clear that users really want a weekly email about something that was current a week ago. On the other hand, this could be the next wave of content distribution. You just never know.

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