An accidental e-card business

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An accidental e-card business

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If you’re into sending e-cards, you may or may not have visited Jacquie Lawson’s site. With music, animation, her cute dog Chudleigh and her cats, Jacquie’s cards are among the most delightful and inventive examples of digital age cards. Rather than replace paper cards, these are pretty much their own genre because such multifaceted messages can’t be appreciated on paper alone. In terms of concept and artistry the cards are a cut above the rest in complexity and idea development.
Jacquie Lawson is a trained illustrator with decades of drawing experience in England. By design or by serendipity, she created a Christmas card and sent it out to her friends. Soon enough everyone wanted more. In the classic case of following your passion and a business might grow, Jacquie’s cards soon led to a web site and full time work for her. Now a whole team has joined her, including a niece, a technical guru, another artist and a cricket-playing, music-composing accountant. It is England after all.
In a rather odd twist, this British e-card site releases an annual July 4 card. The first one features a collage of sea creatures forming an animated version of the Great Seal of the U.S. – which isn’t a sea creature at all. Its popularity led to an annual card, one with Chudleigh raising the American Flag and another with other creatures visiting the National Archives.
Some stats indicate the site receiving almost two million visits per month but it isn’t known how many people actually signed up for the annual membership – about $12 to send cards. She doesn’t use Adsense or any other form of Online ads to boost business. It is thought that Jacquie is worth somewhat less than a million dollars but doing well nevertheless. Plus it must be so much fun creating the cards anyway.

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