An app for men playing dress-up

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For all the men who have been clamoring to play dress-up, there’s an app for that. The Suit Yourself app from the Net-A-Porter group beckons men to create an outfit using the store’s luxury apparel. With this app, even The Cable Guy might consider shedding his everyman’s persona for a bit of sartorial splendor. Users of the app can create outfits for the office, for an important presentation or for a business trip, among other options. Even as “customer” reviews unanimously called for cheaper options, they gave the app stellar reviews for its superior user experience. As it turns out, the Mr. Porter brand is all about luxury – hence cheaper options are yet to be explored.

Along with the app there’s the Mr. Porter online shopping site where visitors can buy a Comme des Garçons, leather iPad case for $480, a Santiago Gonzalez, crocodile briefcase for around $4,000, or an Alexander McQueen umbrella for $565. So many luxury goods, so little disposable income – or the other way around. The site is well designed with beautiful fonts and well-conceived white space, all the better to make images pop. The site also offers “Style Help,” in the form of Q & A, video manuals or from “Stylepedia.” Did you know that the metal or plastic tip of a shoelace is called an “aglet,” or “aiglet?”

In light of all the previously mentioned information, it should come as no surprise that Mr. Porter is notable for being a luxury brand that provides an outstanding digital experience. It’s the brand that finds a way to successfully straddle the online and offline boundary. It uses Facebook, Tumblr and other social media while also peddling its wares in traditional media outlets such as newspapers and magazines – the printed ones. The brand managers find ways to connect and interact with its customer base, which is a very important part of doing business in today’s marketplace. Of course, this strategy could be replicated for any type of business, not just luxury goods.

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