An app for rap

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An app for rap

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By now a new iPhone app is much the same as a movie, CD or DVD release. New entertainment to be viewed and reviewed as we all seek out the next innovative use of the device’s features. Now along comes rap music beats in an app from RZA that can be used by aspiring musicians or just plain hobbyists to create their very own rap music. Okay, so just in case this is all foreign language to you here’s a primer. RZA, pronounced ‘Rizza’ is really Robert Diggs, leader of the notorious hip hop group, Wu Tang Clan. The iPhone app features 17 of his rap beats on the iDrum platform that provides “kits” of drum beats for users to modify or use as is.
In technology years, iDrum is practically a senior citizen modeled after your father’s drum machine. Featuring the spectrum of musical styles from rock to underground to a club edition, iDrum allows musicians and non-musicians to make beautiful music with their downloads. Although, it’s probably clear by now that the work of true musical geniuses is likely to be more beautiful than others. Hip hop musicians create or purchase beats in the “beat” marketplace then add others layers of the music.
As for RZA whose app is thought to be one of iDrum’s most popular downloads, he’s more than just another rap artist resting on his beats. The self-described Kung Fu movie fanatic has written the scores for several films including the “Kill Bill” series. Lately, he’s studied with Quentin Tarantino and is writing and directing his very own movie, “The Man with the Iron Fist.” There isn’t much info about the movie just yet, but we’re guessing there is probably an iDrum video game version on the horizon.

RZA portrait video here

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