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Some say it’s Apple’s way of stealing the CES 2011 thunder, because Apple doesn’t go to the CES, but rather, prefers to announce its updates at highly-hyped independent events. Regardless, Apple just announced its latest development – an App store for Mac computers. Like its hugely popular app store for iPhones, iPads and the whole line of iThings, the Mac App store is for Macbooks and desktops bearing the Mac signature. The store is available as a software update for Mac computers. Whether its games, work oriented tasks or entertainment, Mac users can download any app using their iTunes password. Already the Mac App store has 1,000 apps and it probably won’t be long before that increases exponentially. There is a call out to developers to get busy making apps or scheduling time at Apple’s Compatibility Labs.
The Mac Apps store has something for everything you do, whether you’re creating presentations with PowerPoint Keynote, or finding recipes with Yummy Soup, or simply keeping your New Year’s resolutions with rubiTrack. This last app is intended as a digital personal trainer, tracking, storing and analyzing your fitness related activities. Run, bike or ski and rubiTrack reads your track from a GPS device. At this point it would appear to be somewhat of a struggle for the average user to find that balance between the Black-bottom Raspberry Cream Pie or Caramel Pecan Cakes on Yummy Soup, and the fitness goals on rubiTrack. But maybe, just maybe, there’s a Mac App …?

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