An app to turn your analog into digital

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In the U.S.alone there were 76 million births from 1946 to 1964, which constitutes the baby boomer generation. That’s 76 million baby photos that are mostly in the analog world. Remember, the internet didn’t come along until about two decades ago – possibly earlier for Al Gore. Digital photography is even more recent. As for Facebook, well, you get the idea. This state of affairs prompted the founding of 1000memories, a site where users can upload scanned versions of old photos and add context to those photos to form a digital scrapbook. Digitizing old photo albums and scrapbooks makes it easier not only to share them but also to fill in the blanks with stories from far flung and near flung relatives and friends.

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The latest thing from the 1000memories people is an app that allows users to use their iPhones to digitize the old photos. Can the scanner’s obsolescence be far behind? In any case, the app called Shoebox, takes advantage of the iPhone’s camera. Users photograph the old photographs and upload them. Shoebox auto-detects the edges of a photo so it can be cropped and straightened as needed. Users can also add notes from the backs of the photos for context before uploading them. The digitized old photos can be added to Facebook, perhaps filling in an individual’s Timeline. According to the folks at 1000memories, old photos from yearbooks to Halloween costumes, proms and others, are “going viral” on social media. Perhaps everyone is just fascinated with 80’s big hair.

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