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Published on October 15, 2016 with 1 Comment

If you could have a sixth sense, what would you want it to do? Some folks are thinking that people of the digital age would like Digital Intuition. Such intuition would help you weed through the clutter that causes information overload, leaving only the information that is relevant – and possibly forsaking all others. This is why there is much digital celebration over the news that the app, my6sense, has expanded beyond the iPhone and is now available for Android phones.
Access Twitter, Facebook and RSS content through the my6sense app and it develops some digital intuition about you. It sees you when you’re reading, it knows if you’re deleting, and it’s paying attention when you forward content to your contacts. Soon enough it has “sense” of your likes and dislikes and sends you relevant content from news, Twitter feeds and other digital sources. The app will then sift through billions and billions of bytes of information to create a personalized list of contents tailored to your browsing habits. It goes beyond headlines, finding paragraphs of relevant information you might otherwise miss.
The my6sense app promises not to date you – not that kind of date. As your interests and browsing habits change, the app will continue to re-evaluate your content needs and re-personalize your news. The more you use it, the better it “knows” you. The app is thought to be an ideal tool for following the news on specific topics relevant to your business. Whether in advertising, finance, technology or something slightly more obscure like sourcing elk antlers, my6sense could just be the app for that. Elk actually shed their antlers annually but it’s not easy to find a matched set.

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