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It is thought that if you walk in a straight line around the world you will end up where you began – technically. But if you walk in a squiggly line, that’s where the adventure truly begins. It isn’t known if Matteo Pericoli gave much thought to the straight line versus the squiggly line but he has definitely put much thought into the world according to lines. More specifically, New York according to lines. Pericoli, an architect turned artist composed a book of line drawings representing the views from famous New Yorkers windows.
While others looking through a window might see color, depth and heft, possibly ignoring uninteresting features of the view, Pericoli looked through each window and saw lines. In his view, a line isn’t so much about what you see but rather about what you think. And more important, when Pericoli is drawing, he thinks of every line as a word. The artist is performing a selection of possible lines to tell the story. “If you do too many, you’ve lost the person who is listening or reading. If you use too few, you lose important details.”
The artist also approaches his subjects with the proverbial eagle eye and also with a certain egalitarian eye. His buildings aren’t drawn to scale. As he sees it, when you return from a vacation in Rome, you are likely to view the palace with as much importance as the pizzeria. Though dedicated foodies might just think that the pizzeria is more equal than others. Regardless, Pericoli and the subjects whose window views he has drawn, tend to think of the view as something personal, almost like a companion. Some even refused to let him draw their views because it is too personal.
The images on this post are from Matteo Pericoli’s web site and Facebook page.

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