An e-reader at the beach

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Beach reading this year is all about the e-reader. It may be the Kindle, iPad or Nook, but it’s definitely not the traditional book. Well, some people will still prefer paper but they are in the minority now that e-readers have taken the landscape by storm. But should you head to the beach with your e-reader in hand, experts in the field want you to give some careful consideration to the specific device. An iPad is among the least favored for beach reading due to glare issues. Technology writer Katherine Boehret says that even under an umbrella, the user experience is less than ideal. Her preference is for devices with E Ink screen displays that offer glare-free, matte, surfaces.
One of her favorite devices is the latest iteration of the Kindle. It’s low in price and high in features. In addition to its incredible lightness, the folks at Amazon will set it up before shipping so that tech not-so-savvy folk aren’t disadvantaged. Boehret also likes the Nook, which is the Barnes & Noble e-reader. Using its built-in Wi-Fi, you can buy books from the store and begin reading almost instantly. You can easily share thoughts on social networks. The Kindle has a physical keyboard while the Nook has a touch screen keyboard that’s quite sleek. Boehret recommends the basic version of the Nook but the color version is fun for reading magazines – which you can buy by the issue or by subscription. Both Nook and Kindle offer the opportunity to borrow and lend books between friends with similar devices. So which one should you buy? Well if you’re a diehard Amazon fan, you’ll go with Kindle. But if you tend to hang out at Barnes & Noble, you’ll go for the Nook. And if you’re an iPad believer, you’ll head inside to read.

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