An idea worth painting home

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An idea worth painting home

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How do you pack enough creative space into your conference room for the next brainstorming session? One possibility is IdeaPaint, the product that transforms every surface into a whiteboard. If you believe that creativity shouldn’t have limits, that endless possibilities must have endless space to list them and that everything worth remembering needs to be illustrated on a whiteboard, this product is for you. Big space, small space. You can put it on a chair. You could try to put it on a bear. But no guarantees there.
The idea behind IdeaPaint, so to speak, is to use a specially designed paint to turn any surface into a whiteboard. It is said the kernel of the idea germinated when a group of students in an entrepreneurship class ran out of whiteboard space during a brainstorming session. Then came the question, why can’t a wall be just like a whiteboard? But the world of science wasn’t ready for such thinking. Afterall, everyone knows that whiteboards aren’t made with white paint. They’re a resin-impregnated paper over a pressboard substrate. They’re shaken and baked – well maybe not shaken – but definitely baked in an oven.

Years of research infused with large sums of money would eventually lead to a paint formula that can be applied to just about any surface and transform it into a whiteboard. Options include the solvent-based, Pro, the water-based CRE-8 and the Lil’ Bit kit presumably for lil bitty kids to draw on the walls. Apply on doors, desks, hallways – you get the idea. It’s greener and therefore not meaner to the environment. It’s like sliced bread only without the calories. Except such massive amounts of painting takes planning. And if IdeaPaint is not your thing, there’s always the interactive, connected whiteboard – no paint required.

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