An old fashioned electronics store with newfangled charm

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By now it is widely known that we embrace the fast pace of technological advancement in a big way. With no regrets. At least it should be widely known. We’re not likely to be sitting around wishing for the good old days when computers were booted from floppy drives and if you were away from home you had to drop a quarter in a public phone to make a call.That’s just not us.

But the universe has a way of surprising us and we were recently intrigued to learn about Halted Specialties Company. This electronics store of sorts has operated in Silicon Valley since it was just a valley with no silicon in sight. It has an old fashioned appeal that tugs at newfangled tinkerers to take a second look.

Back in the day when the two Steves of Apple were just a couple of young unknowns, looking to build their yet to be tangible empire, they shopped at Halted for parts. They even invited the owner to invest. But he turned them down because they just didn’t look professional enough and he probably thought they were scam artists.

Back in the day there were lots of stores like Halted but now they’ve all departed. Gone to the big electronics junkyard in the sky? Still, Halted is the place for engineers and ham radio operators – aren’t those one and the same? Anyone looking to create or enhance an electronic device can show up at Halted to look for outmoded and useful stuff such as wires, resistors, transistors, ovens for baking silicon and the like. At exceptionally reasonable prices.

Yes, we may not be the ones looking for this stuff but we like the idea that they’ve stuck to their core beliefs, if indeed there were some core beliefs. We think it’s highly possible that the next big thing could come from someone shopping at Halted today. So soldier on brave tinkerers and be sure to tell us when you have something interesting.

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