Angry Birds & other apps drain battery life

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Playing just one round of Angry Birds over 3G can launch 35 different threads, each of them eating up a bit of your smartphones’s battery life. Multiply this by five or ten or more apps and soon enough battery life becomes battery death. Additionally there are bugs in some apps that cause them to drain the battery even more than necessary. In the case of Angry Birds, the 35 threads perform such actions as game play, painting the screen and GPS tracking. But Angry Birds also launches a thread called, Flurry that uploads and downloads data about the phone, such as its location. Threads are also responsible for displaying ads. Close the app and even more threads go into action performing a “cleanup” function. Meanwhile the NYTimes app also uses Flurry which seems to be a major energy hog.

These insights about what’s ailing the battery life of our smartphones are from a study at Purdue University where a couple of curious scientists studied the issue. Along with the power-draining threads, they also discovered something they refer to as “wake locks” which prevent the smartphone from going into sleep mode. And as we all know sleep deprivation an enormous energy drain – even beyond the smartphone world. The researchers believe that app developers need to put more effort into making their apps more energy efficient to conserve smartphone battery life. Meanwhile, users can manually check to see what apps are running that may be draining their smartphone batteries without their knowledge. According to TechNewsDaily, “From the home screen on an Android phone (or tablet), click the menu button, then Settings. From the menu, tap Applications, then Manage Applications. And finally, tap the Running button at the top of the screen.” Finally, select Force Stop to stop any unwanted apps from running.


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