Another addictive app

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Another addictive app

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Traffic Rush isn’t an app for any practical purpose such as informing the user of the current traffic scene during rush hour. It isn’t necessarily the most favored app either. But it’s easy to find people who are completely addicted to it. With a graphic representation of an intersection and vehicles, Traffic Rush is a game where the player attempts to move traffic from all directions through the intersection. The vehicles move through on their own but the player controls the action by flicking a finger across the screen to speed up or stop individual autos.
In the beginning, cars, trucks and motorcycles appear in a manageable frequency, making it a cinch to get them through the intersection. But soon enough the action intensifies with heavier traffic from every which way. The trucks seem to move more slowly while the motorcycles appear out of nowhere and are not easy to spot. And shouldn’t we all just start seeing motorcycles anyway? The game ends when a crash occurs and scored points represent the number of vehicles successfully moved before the crash.
The free app from Donut Games, a Swedish online game development company, is the perfect entertainment option for anyone stuck waiting at an airport or at American Idol auditions. At some level a case could be made that this app improves hand-eye-coordination, or that it stimulates your brain and your adrenaline. It could be argued that such an app is a metaphor for the human spirit, putting the last failed game behind and keeping hope alive that the next session will yield to much higher scores, accompanied by canned cheering from the game’s gallery. But that’s not true. It’s just another way to pass time or waste time as the case may be, with mindless entertainment. And ultimately, mindless entertainment may be the best kind.

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