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How does Apple design its iThings? One imaginary scenario might put Steve Jobs in a secret underground bunker, fashioning these devices from garage sale finds, with his bare hands. With cameras and private, prying eyes watching everyone’s move, this would seem to be the only way to keep the next big device under wraps – right? Well, it turns out that’s not how things are done these days. That secret, underground bunker is merely the stuff of myth – though no one should rule it out. But reports show that Apple has been employing a group called SurfaceInk, an engineering and product design firm that almost anyone can hire – if only they too could envision the iPad. SurfaceInk worked for Hewlett Packard, Palm, Abbot and Bell Sports among others. From medical devices to game controllers to “ruggedized” equipment for harsh conditions, SurfaceInk’s designers and engineers have been behind the scenes.
But along the way, SurfaceInk decided that instead of merely designing iThings they could also design numerous things that are similar and put them out into the marketplace under other licenses. After all, who better to compete with the beyond popular iPad than the very firm that designed the iPad? They aren’t actually marketing it as such but they did roll out their own Tablet computer prototype, in different sizes for anyone to license. Such a development on the part of SurfaceInk led to the obvious move by Apple – a parting of the ways. For now there is no news on Apple’s plans for engineering and design of future products so we’ll all just have to wait and keep an eye out for that underground bunker.

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