Apple unties iTether

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Just yesterday our troubles seemed so far away. We could buy a $15 app that would let us connect our computers to our iPhone data plans without paying the extra fee. And while it may seem to be a crime that an app should cost that much, it was worth it to have a crime free way of connecting without a fee. Such was the case with iTether, the app that was more like a data plan without the hefty price. One wonders why Apple would have approved such a plan in the first place but as they say, never look a gift horse in the mouth. But before most people had a chance to say – Download Sesame, or something like that, it was over. The folks at Apple quickly disapproved iTether and expelled it from the app store. The iTether app wasn’t perfect, it had glitches but it worked well enough. However, from Apple’s published point of view, iTether was too much of a burden on wireless carriers.



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Meanwhile, the folks at Tether who made the iTether app in the first place weren’t buying Apple’s rationale. They beg to disagree that iTether is a data consumption hog.  The average mobile phone consumer uses only about 200MBs of data per month – meaning the average reasonable consumer. Unreasonable data consumers use so much more, but aren’t they in the minority? Just one Netflix streamed TV show via an Apple approved Netflix app uses almost twice as much as iTether, say the Tether folks. Tether knows this because they already have a Tether app for Blackberry which connects a PC or Mac through the Blackberry’s 3G service. As they see it, mobile carriers would benefit from the iTether app because they’ll be able to monetize their data stream. But Apple is sticking by its story. And regardless, those who have already downloaded iTether are a rather lucky bunch because they get to continue using it – for now.

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  1. If I’ve paid for the data what does it matter which platform I view it on. Similar to splicing cable…right?