Apple v Android in the future

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It is thought that some 80 percent of the Tablet Computer market belongs to Apple’s iPad even though the iPad didn’t originally claim to be heading for the computing space. But Android fans are thinking that this is a temporary state of digital affairs. The problem says Eric Schmidt of Google is that for all its elegance and curb appeal, Apple is closed and ultimately that will be its downfall. He predicts that the marketplace will tire of Apple’s rules and its lack of Flash, and therefore the masses will start casting more than just a withering glance in the direction of Android.
Just as Apple computers went from mainstream to “boutique” product in the opening days of personal computing, Apple devices will cede its lead to Android. Android, because of its openness will be a magnet for creativity. Many more manufacturers will sprinkle their magic dust on Android and that will lead to a drop in prices of Android devices which are currently quite high. Google, says Schmidt, is more about volume which ultimately leads to lower prices. And further, those future Android devices will be a hundred times more powerful than today’s devices of any kind. Your Android phone will have almost innate knowledge of who you are and it will suggest the right people for you to meet and the right coffee for you to drink. Furthermore, while you may care about such issues as privacy, the future is not like that. Kids growing up connected will see privacy as a kind of analog thing – so 2011.

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