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For all who aim to serve something other than beer at the Big Party, there’s an app. Well, there are actually several apps, and most notable ones for 2011 are Mixologist for 99 cents and Mixology for free, from app developers, Digital Outcrop – both for iPhone. Input the contents of your liquor cabinet and Mixology will suggest possible cocktails from your stock. Don’t have a decent stockpile? No problem. Mixology uses the GPS function to direct you to the nearest liquor store. For the novice bartender, the app gives a primer on terminology plus recipes designed to please every palate. Choose from cocktails, shooters, mulls and coolers, highballs and lowballs, and also non-alcoholic items. If all else fails, give the phone a shake to see what comes up. Some people have been known to slice a banana into a beer – we’re not sure this is advised.
But wait. There’s more. The Omaha Steaks iPhone app is experiencing a surge in downloads for Super Bowl XLV party planning. It gives steak grilling advice, designed for a perfectly grilled, personalized steak – rare, medium or shoeleather, there’s an app for that. And of course, for entertainment, Adbowl is an app lets you rate the commercials. Meanwhile, those who prefer pizza might just wish for the game to go into overtime. Papa John’s pizza will dole out free pizzas to registered customers. It’s said to be a long shot, but just in case, Papa John’s has insured its franchisees. And for all those non-football fans, there’s meditation. Experts believe that not only can it lower blood pressure, it can also rejuvenate you.

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