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For all who dream of a cool new photo app that does more than other photo apps, there’s Cinemagram. With this app iPhone users can enjoy the beauty of a single image with some animated flair. The Cinemagram app takes its inspiration from the cinemagraph, which is a cross between a still photo and a video. The cinemagraph is not that old. It happened onto the scene just about a year ago when a photographer and a web designer collaborated to make animated gifs – of part of an image. The end product is a single image with one or two elements moving within it. For example, a still photograph of a bartender dispensing beer from a tap into a glass. Everything is still, but the beer in the glass is in motion. But it’s not like a video where the glass actually fills up. The beer just moves around in the glass. Got that? Well, it’s charming and lots of people fell in love with cinemagraphs.

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Cinemagram, the app allows users to capture a moment in a video clip. But it’s only for a moment and well, sort of like dust flying by in the wind – for about two seconds. However, the moment isn’t gone because it is then embedded into the photograph and can be viewed over and over. But wait there’s more. Somewhere in the iTunes store there’s Kinotopic which does the same thing. The images in that app are called “kinos.” In both cases, reviewers complained of less than spectacular user experiences with them. Developers of the Cinemagram app note that they have an updated version which should improve users’ experiences. Now it’s just a question of what to animate.

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