Apps are for young, wealthy and educated

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A man walks into the App Store – how old is he? Okay, so the man is virtual, but chances are he is not over 50. Despite the fact that Steve Jobs, the father of apps was born in 1955 which makes him exactly 55 years-old, recent research suggests that many people over 50 don’t even know that they have apps on their Smart Phones. Further, while 82 percent of Americans own mobile phones, and 43 percent of those have apps on their phones, only two-thirds of the app possessors use them. And the apps are numerous. Apple’s App store has over 250,000 while Android has more than 80,000 apps. While apps are thought to be the “Third Wave” of computing, with the first AppNation conference just completed, the Pew Research Center concluded that this market is mainly for the young, wealthy and educated. They are also more male and more Hispanics than other Americans.
So what are all the app users focusing on? Game apps are the most frequently downloaded. But of Apps-you-can-use, news/weather and map navigation apps were tops, closely followed by social networking and music. The median number of apps on any given phone is ten but the average person has 18. Only half of the app downloaders tend to pay for apps. People also tend to use their apps when they’re alone and waiting for someone or something. Projections from the AppNation conference indicate a future with around five million apps. All of which could lead to an explosion of app ranking – uh, apps? And if not for apps, what are most people doing with their cell phones? It turns out, 76 percent take pictures and 72 percent send and receive text messages – not clear whether these skew toward the younger set.

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