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Think of an app, any app. Is it for iPhone, iPad or Android? In many cases an app is released for iPhone first with other formats – “Soon to follow.” Now think of a web page, any web page? In most cases these can be read on small or large screen regardless of platforms and devices. Okay, Apple devices don’t have Flash. Lately there are rumblings that the future of content and games will be moving away from the device centric, app store setup. Rather than access being targeted to specific devices, it would be more like the RSS feed, ready for any device. While the iPad may be a great device for showcasing Martha Stewart’s peonies in time lapse photography, in the future such a user experience won’t depend on a single device.
For now, the crystal ball isn’t very clear on this. In order for a scenario without specific devices to play out, our entire app landscape would change. We would need a completely different type of app store. One that’s unaffiliated. Perhaps devices will all be affiliated with content stores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Perhaps Apple will have its own publishing house just for Apple devices. Like everything that was once a distant dream, it’s all possible. What won’t change is the underlying fact that the content of apps will always be needed, whether that content is in the form of news, videos or games. And whatever developers do, users’ thumbs will always be in charge.

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