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Users of Animoto have long known that they could convert a group of photographs with text and music to create video slideshows. Now with its latest software update Animoto gives users the capacity to add video clips to that mix, whether on the Animoto site or its iPhone app. In essence, the video slideshows can finally include videos. As it turns out 40 percent of all videos are created with iPhones and other smartphones. Animoto’s iPhone app is able to put video creation skills into the amateur videographer’s hands because of its “Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology that thinks like an actual director and editor.”  The technology allegedly has the ability to detect the style of music and adjust the video to suit. The resulting videos can be used for social or business purposes, to be shared on Facebook, YouTube or other social media. Animoto’s site has detailed instructions.

The EMHS iPhone app screenshot

The EMHS iPhone app screenshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Magisto is a similar iPhone app for videos. Its claim to fame is that its algorithm weeds out the boring parts of videos for a shorter and more entertaining viewing experience. Whether it’s a backpacking trip, a family vacation or a once in a lifetime event, the people behind the Magisto app believe that you can give an amateur an iPhone with professional capabilities but you can’t make him shoot like a pro. The genius of Magisto is that it takes the emotion out of the editing process. Magisto’s image analyzing technology is highly “intelligent,” able to recognize faces, landscapes and movement. Consequently, Magisto is able to condense hours of raw video into the sum of its most exciting parts. Both Animoto and Magisto are banking on the idea that humans across the globe want to watch each others videos, if they’re exciting enough.

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